Biofuels Production Planner Media Details

Biofuels Production Planner Media Details

The Biofuels & Ethanol Production Planner is designed to access the world’s biofuels and ethanol supply chain.


High Visibility Essential Office Tool

Large-Scale format with a UV gloss laminate cover, so users can write up and wipe off their process schedules, sales meetings, internal staffing schedules and important dates.

The central area is devoted to a calendar with important industry events listed.

The perimeter features a strictly limited number of industry suppliers offering solutions to cover the entire manufacturing and distributing process.

“I am convinced, that specially in today’s times, your wall planners are an excellent analog tool not to be missed in offices world-wide. We receive excellent feed-back from our customers and what is more important (than that)?” – Bernd Langhans, Siemens AG

Targeted Distribution

Distribution in association with Datagro is in Spring every year and free of charge to all biofuel production plants around the world, sugar plants interested in converting to ethanol production and to the main feedstock growers via their national / international associations, logistics and supply chain service providers, technologists, government ministries, research institutes and associations relevant to the industry throughout the world.

“The event was a complete success, with approximately 376 delegates of more than 25 countries. We received the planners and distributed them to the attendees. They were put inside the bag given to each of the attendees at the entrance of the event. Thank you again for the partnership.” – Rene Arruda, DATAGRO

“Our annual ISO Seminar has been a success once again. May I finally thank you for your support and for providing these great year planners.” – Sylvain Disset, International Sugar Organization


Qualified Business Inquiries

Once the planners have all been distributed, our Data Acquisition Team contacts recipients and asks which areas buyers are looking to specify or upgrade over the course of the next couple of years.

Advertisers may formulate a specific or generic request which the Data Acquisition Team will use to generate qualified business enquiries. Results are yours to build long term business relationships.

“We are pleased to use the same add that we did last time as the response was very good.” – Ray Heelan, Allegheny Valve




Africa – Ethpasa Ethanol South Africa
Africa Southern – Southern African Bioenergy Association
Argentina – Asociacion Argentina De Biocombustibles
Argentina – La Cámara Argentina de Energías Renovables
Asia – Asian Clean Fuels Association
Australia – Australian Cane Farmers Association
Australia – Biofuels Association of Australia
Australia – Department of Climate Change
Austria – Austrian Biomass Association
Austria – Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology
Brazil – Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association
Brazil – UNICA Sugarcane Industry Association
Canada – Canadian Bioenergy Association
Canada – Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
Canada – Clean Fuels Development Coalition
Canada – Ontario Corn Producers’ Association
Caribbean – Caribbean Ethanol Producers
China – China Fermentation Industry Association
China – China General Machinery Industry Association
China – China Starch Industry Association
China – China Sugar Association
China – China Sustainable Energy Program
Colombia – Federacion Nacional de Biocombustibles de Colombia
Columbia – Association of Sugarcane Growers of Columbia
Columbia – Federacion Nacional de Biocombustibles de Colombia
Columbia – Federation of Biofuels
Columbia – Sector Azucarero Columbiano Asocana
Costa Rica – Associación of Tecnicos Azucareros de Costa Rica
Czech – Czech Biomass Association
Estonia – Estonian Biomass Association
Europe – Energy Utilization Biomass Association
Europe – European Algae Biomass Association
Europe – European Association for Bioindustries
Europe – European Automobile Manufacturers Association ACEA
Europe – European Bioethanol Fuel Association eBIO
Europe – European Biofuels Technology Platform
Europe – European Biomass Industry Association EUBIA
Europe – European Chemical Industry Council Cefic
Europe – European Ethylene Producers Committee EEPC
Europe – European Renewable Ethanol ePURE
Europe – European Sugar Producers’ Association
Europe – Europian Fuel Oxygenates Association
Europe – Institute International Recherches Betteravieres IIRB
Europe – International Confederation of European Beet Growers
Europe – International Renewable Energy Agency
Europe – Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manfacturers
Europe – World Bio Plants

Finland – Finbio Bioenergy Association of Finland
Germany – Verein der Zuckerindustrie
Guatemala – Association Renewable Fuels
Honduras – Asociacion de Productores de Azucar de Honduras
India – Indian Sugar Mills Owners Association
India – National Ethanol Manufacturers Association
Italy – Italian Biomass Association
Japan Sugar Refiner’s Association
Latin America – Asociacion Petroquimica y Quimica Latinoamericana
Latvia – Latvian Biomass Association
New Zealand – Bioenergy Association of New Zealand
Nicaragua – Nicaragua Sugar Industry
Pakistan- Pakistan Ethanol Manufacturers Association
Peru – Asociacion Peruana de Productores de Azucar y Biocombustibles
Philippines – Ethanol Producers Association
Poland – Polish Biomass Association
Russia – Russian Biofuels Association
South America – Agencia Nacional do Petroleo Gas Natural e Biocombustiveis ANP
Spain – Associacion General de Fabricantes de Azucar de Espana
Spain – Spanish Bioenergy Association
Swaziland Sugar Association
Sweden – Svebio Swedish Bioenergy Association
Sweden – Swedish BioAlcohol Fuel Foundation
Thailand – Cane and Sugar Board
Thailand – Thai Sugar and Bio-Energy Producers Association
Thailand – Thai Tapioca Trade Association
Thailand – Trade Association for Manufacturers of Ethanol Thailand
UK – Renewable Energy Association
USA – American Coalition for Ethanol
USA – American Sugar Alliance
USA – Corn Refiners Association
USA – Energy Future Coalition
USA – Ethanol Producers & Consumers
USA – National Association of Wheat Growers
USA – National Biodiesel Board
USA – National Corn Growers’ Association
USA – Renewable Fuels Association
USA – Sustainable Energy Coalition
World – Global Renewable Fuels Alliance
World – Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organisation IREO
World – International Energy Agency IEA
World – International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA
World – International Sugar Organisation
World – Sweet Sorghum Ethanol Association SSEA
World – World Bioenergy Association

Advertising Rates & Data


Size 1 (Full Page) — 250mm high x 180mm wide — £7695

Size 2 (Half Page) — 125mm high x 180mm wide — £4295

Size 3 (Quart Page) — 125mm high x 82mm wide — £2695

Size 4 (Business Card) — 54mm high x 82mm wide — £1695


All above options include a Full Company Profile in our Networking area, business inquiries sourced by our Data Acquisition Team and Artwork Design Service availability



Digital Artwork:

High resolution (300 dpi) JPG, TIF, EPS, or PDF

Printing / Finishing:

10,000 – Four-colour process/UV-varnishing

Background Colour:

Teal (subject to change)

Size of Planner:

Approx 700mm high x 1000mm wide (subject to change)


Invoiced upon confirmation of booking