Fédération Belge du Commerce d'Importation de Bois


Fédération Belge du Commerce d’Importation de Bois


PRODUCT TYPES: Softwood, hardwood, plywood

MAIN CONTACT: Bart de Turck, General Secretary; Lieve Bos, Secretary

EMAIL: info@houtimportbois.be

TELEPHONE NUMBER: + 32 2 229 3266, +32 2 219 4373

ADDRESS: Avenue des Volontaires 2 – 1040 Brussels, Belgium

WEBSITE: www.houtimportbois.be

The Belgian Timber Importers Federation was founded in 1947 and today has more than 40 members, comprising 31 wood importers and ten agents from all over Belgium. Between them these companies account for the bulk of the country’s €1 billion of timber imports. The core aim of the Federation is to monitor, protect and develop the professional interests of members, promote training and encourage dialogue across the sector. We help to create links and greater solidarity between companies and individuals operating as agents or importers of raw timber or semi-finished wood of all types, and from all origins in the European Union. The Federation also represents members in dialogue with government and other public authorities and private institutions in order to raise awareness of and defend their common business interests. Another function is to collate professional trade information and disseminate it to member companies. We undertake consultative assignments for public bodies and organise meetings where members can discuss the market situation and related issues. We additionally fulfil a marketing role, with our information centre, the Belgian Woodforum, providing free technical advice on the use of timber inside and outside the home. We also cooperate with phytosanitary authorities on plant health issues affecting the timber sector and, besides the Belgian government and European Commission, liaise with a range of other leading industry bodies on a regular basis in Europe and worldwide. As part of the ETTF, we will also now be able to represent members on an even wider stage.

August 19, 2015