VVNH Netherlands Timber Trade Association


VVNH Netherlands Timber Trade Association


PRODUCT TYPES: Softwood, hardwood, plywood

MAIN CONTACT: Paul van den Heuvel, Managing Director

EMAIL: [email protected]

TELEPHONE NUMBER: + 31 36 5321020

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 1380, 1300 BJ Almere, Netherlands

WEBSITE: www.vvnh.nl

In 2009, the Netherlands Timber Trade Association was given “royal” status to recognise a century of service to the industry. Today, it has 260 members in the timber wholesale sector, including retailers. The NTTA members import 2.5 million m3 of timber a year and its membership account for 65%-70% of the total.

The NTTA represents their interests in economics, commerce, social issues and the environment. It also provides technical coordination and support in valueadded wood processing. In 2009, the NTTA also started a joint effort in the area of corporate social responsibility with the Dutch Association of Joinery Manufacturers, and is now looking for other partners in the project.

This is aimed at meeting their formulated targets for 50% of hardwood, 85% of plywood and 100% of softwood imported by the Netherlands to be verified as sourced from sustainably managed forests. In 2010, 71% of the timber imported by NTTA members met this criteria, with certification under the PEFC or FSC scheme. Centrum Hout (the Dutch Centre for Timber) is the division of the NTTA focused on wood promotion. It targets architects, housing corporations, contractors and the education sector through seminars, literature, a helpline and its website – www.centrumhout.nl.

It also runs “consulting hours” for architects on timber in design. Over its first 100 years, NTTA has constantly adapted to circumstances and that continues with its European Timber Trade Federation membership. The ETTF will stimulate knowledge and information exchange across Europe, enabling national federations to learn from each other, share best practice and work together on key issues.

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August 19, 2015