Why Planners Work For You

Why Planners Work For You

Let’s take a look at some of the more traditional media options available to marketeers wanting to reach their specifying audience and how that compares with Planners…



Depending on your industry sector, there are at least 12+ industry magazines available. It would be nice to think that your specifier has time every day to sit around reading every one of them, but we all know that isn’t the case.

So which magazines do you choose to advertise in?

Each magazine will have at least 25+ adverts in and dozens of additional PR articles. Even if your specifier is reading the magazine you are advertising in, how long is he going to spend reading the magazine, and therefore how much time will he spend looking at your advert?

Test it for yourself, pick up a business magazine on your desk and have a look through. Chances are that you will not remember every product because you looked at each advert for about 2.7 seconds.

12+ magazines x 35+ adverts / pr articles = 420 competitors

Once the magazine is read, it sits on a shelf and is never looked at again.

So the advert has cost you €xyz and has lasted for 2.7 seconds, to only a small section of your specifiers.

Do you really expect results from this?


Web Portals

Depending on your industry sector, there are at least 12+ industry web portals. Your specifier has likely bookmarked a good few of them, and he might visit a couple of them every day.

But he has to be in front of his computer first. He also has a job to do, so he deosn’t have time to read every page.

He might subscribe to an RSS feed from the site, so he gets the relevant news items quickly and easily, but what does that mean for your web advertising banner?

Websites are limitless, they can feature as many pages and company profiles and web banners as they can possibly create. So is your specifier really seeing your banner / profile / company listing?

When was the last time you clicked on a web banner? And then bought from the site?

Website advertising will probably include email news blasts. How many emails do you get every day? And how many do you actually read? And how many times have you clicked on a link on one of them to go to a site?

Do you really expect results from this?


BLS Media Planners

Extremely Useful Office Tool

It’s so much quicker to glance up at the wall than to fire up your calendar app!

High Visibility

Colourful and eyecatching, your advert is clearly seen amongst only a small handful of advertisers!

Constant Exposure

Your advert is seen all day, every single day, for 12 months+

Brand Recall

Your product, service and brand is retained in the buyers’ mind because he has seen you so often!

Qualified Business Enquiries

Our Data Team contacts specifiers and asks where they are looking to spend their budget over the next couple of years, results are given to you to create immediate and longterm business!

Networking Tool Combined

All our Planner partners can take advantage of a FREE company profile in our networking portal, where buyers and suppliers can communicate directly with each other. Suppliers and buyers can also sign themselves up to our networking service here.


You really should expect results from this!